Blue Origin successfully launched New Shepard rocket

Tinuku - Blue Origin has successfully launched the New Shepard rocket on Sunday from a facility near Van Horn, Texas, on the company's first flight in 2018. The space vehicle was named after the first American company, Alan Shepard, launched vertically from the West Texas facility.

The founder of Blue Origin LLC, Jeff Bezos, who invested $ 1 billion annually from Amazon share sales, announces a test flight on Friday. Blue Origin was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for tests launched for four days through Wednesday.

Tinuku Blue Origin successfully launched New Shepard rocket

The latest effort will be the eighth flight for New Shepard. In December, the seventh New Shepard mission was launched, landing and successfully deploying unmanned Crew Capsule. This is the company's first launch in 14 months.

Blue Origin aims to send humans into suborbital spaces and in an interview on Saturday, Bezos describes space travel as "the most important thing". CEO Bob Smith said the company will launch tourists into space this year.