Didi Chuxing started service in Mexico

Didi Chuxing Technology Co. has advertise its services to drivers and passengers in Mexico to set the stage for a potentially costly battle with Uber. The Beijing-based company will launch its first debut in Toluca, the capital of Mexico's central state, as a "strong regional commercial and cultural center"

Didi Chuxing held an early priority to learn from the local community about their transportation needs, a spokesperson said. The app will go live later this month. Didi's website in Mexico also said the company will start operations "immediately possible", though it does not provide dates.

Tinuku Didi Chuxing started service in Mexico

The company said it will not cut costs until June 17 and offers bonuses to drivers recruiting other drivers and passengers. After June, Didi will take a 20 percent commission or below of 25 percent by Uber Technologies Inc.'s biggest rival who has held 87 percent of the market in Mexico as the highest share in Latin America.

Didi has created security buttons on apps to connect drivers and passengers with police and other emergency contacts if they are in danger. The company also employs security forces to respond to issues all the time.