Jugnoo announced it will enter Singapore next month

Tinuku - Jugnoo announced on Wednesday to enter the Singapore market next month. The Ride-hailing firm headquartered in Chandigarh, which uses auto rickshaw in India, will offer a private car-based service with an application that will allow it to choose from a competitor's bid on tariffs in the city state when Uber Technologies prepares to leave.

The Uber application will continue to operate in Singapore until May 7, although US companies have closed across Southeast Asia after selling regional operations to Grab. Jugnoo and other companies want to fill the void left by Uber and can help allay concerns by The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS).

Tinuku Jugnoo announced it will enter Singapore next month

Jugnoo says drivers do not have to pay commissions for the first six months. After that, Jugnoo will take a 10% commission which is expected to lure the driver when compared to the Grab commission up to 20%. Customers will pay a small fee or booking fee after the first six months of service.

"We expect 10% market share in a year, we will be a profitable company," said Jugnoo CEO Sam Singla.

Last month, Singapore-based Ryde Technologies said it would launch an app offering private rental car services and charging 10% commission fees. The Singapore market is complicated by the high cost of car ownership in which the government strictly controls the number of vehicles on the road.

New emerging competition in other Southeast Asian markets in recent weeks. Manila transport regulator said last week Indonesian ride-hailing firm Go-Jek is preparing to expand into the Philippine market. Go-Jek also plans to enter Singapore soon.