Mahajek prepares to compete Go-Jek and Grab in Indonesia a new on-demand service made by students of West Sulawesi ready to compete with Go-Jek and Grab in Indonesia. Haekal Fikri, founder of Mahajek and a student of West Sulawesi University, released Mahajek application to help fellow students and the community in Majene City, West Sulawesi.

Startup provides on-demand transportation services and a host of other services including package delivery, food delivery, and inter-city transport across the country. Fikri has also prepared a number of special features including booking partner drivers via SMS, shopping with partners, and a free shuttle on certain days.

Tinuku Mahajek prepares to compete Go-Jek and Grab in Indonesia

"I think how students who have been walking can get to the campus without having to spend a lot of energy, too late, or tired," said Fikri.

Currently, startup has built a dozen mobile-based on-demand services including Maha-Food for food delivery services, Maha-Send for packaged goods delivery service, Maha-Shop for inter-shopping messaging service, and Maha-Pulkam for inter-city services.

Mahajek also serves a variety of jobs including Maha-Skill which consists of Maha-Clean for cleaning services, Maha-Massage for massage, and Maha-Auto for vehicle repair. Startup also has Cyduk feature that allows users to send SMS to admin to order service without having to pass the application.

"Not having a smartphone can still contact us," said Fikri.