Orkut Buyukkokten, founder of Orkut, launched Hallo in India

The founder of Orkut.com launched the Hallo.com social networking platform. Orkut Buyukkokten has announced Hallo entered the market available for download on the App Store and Google Play. India became the second market after Brazil and the company will look to launch services in the US and countries such as France and Germany.

Hallo has been prepared by Orkut Buyukkokten, the founder of Orkut who once became the leading social networking site in India and Brazil, but has shut down its service in 2014 after losing its sheen in competition like Facebook and Twitter. Buyukkokten says Hallo creates positive, meaningful, authentic and sustainable social connections.

Tinuku Orkut Buyukkokten, founder of Orkut, launched Hallo in India

"If you look at social media today, have isolated people rather than bringing them closer. It's becoming more about broadcasting than sharing. Hallo is built around an interest-based community where users with similar interests can connect, leading to the correct connection," Buyukkokten said.

"We started in Brazil in July 2016. About 35,000 users are part of our beta testing in the Indian market. Orkut is huge in India and I'm happy to say hello to India once again," Buyukkokten said.