YouTube removed 5 million videos in fourth quarter of last year

Tinuku - Alphabet Inc.'s YouTube removed 5 million videos in the fourth quarter of last year from the platform before being watched by the audience. The move is part of a response to pressure for the better for the online community. Reports on Monday concerning regulatory automation through software for content removal.

YouTube says it still requires an internal human team to verify automatic findings on the additional 1.6 million videos that were removed after multiple users watched the clip. The automated system has not been able to identify the other videos and was deleted after being reported by users, organizational activists, and government.

Tinuku YouTube removed 5 million videos in fourth quarter of last year

Facebook Inc also said on Monday it had deleted or posted warning labels on 1.9 million pieces of extremist content associated with ISIS or al-Qaeda in the first three months of this year or about double the number from before.

Correcting problem videos, whether through humans or machines, can help YouTube as the prime mover for Google revenue. Analysts say the demand for YouTube advertising remains strong and remains the most efficient place for business branding of big companies.

YouTube officials say the company deleted videos containing hate speech or incited violence by issuing "reprimands" to the uploader in any event and prohibiting uploaders with three strikes in a three-month period. Other content is a "terrorist organization" identified by governments.