Maruti Suzuki aims to develop CNG vehicles as soon as possible

Tinuku - Maruti Suzuki India Ltd plans to expeditiously develop various types of alternative technologies including CNG-powered cars. New Delhi-based automaker, which holds a 50% market share in the domestic passenger vehicle segment, aims to partner with various parties to encourage alternative vehicles in addition to electric cars.

"We will try and encourage this acceleration in the use of CNG, hybrids, and other alternative technologies. We will encourage all technologies, and not limit ourselves to one technology," said chairman Maruti Suzuki India RC Bhargava.

Tinuku Maruti Suzuki aims to develop CNG vehicles as soon as possible

"We want to have clean cars in the country and we want to reduce oil imports. Our goal is the same as the government. We do not want to put all our expectations on the battery. We want to see other alternative technologies as well," Bhargava said.

"The government has put the use of CNG for transportation at a higher priority than the generating power plant. We want to use CNG for car as far as possible. CNG is best suited for small cars," Bhargava said.

Bhargava says small cars will be powered then it will require a huge reduction in battery costs which means technology must come to the rescue. The Indian market is different from other markets in the world with 75% of cars priced less than Rs5 lakh.

"There is no market in the world where the dominance of small cars. Implications for electric cars are the cost of batteries, the price of vehicles rises Rs6-7 lakh. Who do you think will buy? Affordability is a big problem," Bhargava said.

"Oil companies and we can collaborate. They are expanding our sales outlets, expanding the production of CNG cars, both of which go hand in hand in a coordinated way," Bhargava said.

"Of course we need to drive electric cars, but we must not forget CNG, hybrids, ethanol and methanol.Our view is to keep all options open, putting all these options in front of customers and then letting them decide what best suits their needs," Bhargava said.