Sophie Paris is scheduled to become pure digital company this year

Tinuku - Sophie Paris confirmed that users can register online. The multi-level marketing (MLM) company for fashion and beauty products sales based in Jakarta is announcing to bring 100% of their offline businesses to go online this year although they has also allowed their members to open and manage offline stores.

The company was founded by Bruno Hasson in 1995 said the world has moved towards digital and Sophie Paris will operate more efficiently because it does not need to spend the cost of store management. MLM concept will be maintained, but no need to spend marketing costs where users do their own marketing activities to earn commissions every month.

Tinuku Sophie Paris is scheduled to become pure digital company this year

"We are a mature business, but right now we feel like a startup. We are very ready to change and become a pure digital company," said Bruno Hasson.

Sophie Paris will encourage users to purchase catalogs and enter personal data on's site at any time and no need to meet other Sophie Paris members. In February 2018 about 40% of Sophie Paris's business activities have gone online and they will shift their entire business to the online sphere by the end of 2018.

The company has also recruited former CEO Oriflame Sven Mattsson to become Chairman to support this transition process. Currently, they have 500 employees and facilitate 200 thousand shipments each month for 3.5 million members where on average spend Rp2 million per semester to shop for products in Sophie Paris.