YouTube has 48% market share in Indonesia, television stations has 52%

Tinuku - YouTube has a share of 43% to 53% of the spectacle media or has matched the position of television in Indonesia. Google LLC and market research firm Kantar TNS announced the results of research that says YouTube has started to rival television as the most accessible medium of media in Indonesia.

The research investigates YouTube's use of increased popularity, urban and rural market differentials, to the kind of content that Indonesians are interested in. The role of YouTube in Indonesia as a means of publishing video content continues to increase where the number of hours of content uploaded from Indonesia has more than doubled year by year.

Tinuku YouTube has 48% market share in Indonesia, television stations has 52%

According to research results, 92 percent of users in Indonesia say YouTube is their first goal to look for video content. Users think YouTube makes it easier for them to find interesting content on various topics. The research involved 1,500 respondents where 53 percent said they access YouTube every day and 57 percent said they watched television every day.

Users in Indonesia often use YouTube to watch content they do not have time to watch live when broadcast on television. The YouTube channels from television stations are one of the most popular categories for Indonesian users, even in rural areas as well as increasingly accessing YouTube where the internet infrastructure is getting better and content increasingly relevant.

"Indonesians are not only looking at international content on YouTube, they are so proud of local creators who are able to interact in a language that is easy to understand and suits them," said Veronica Utami, Head of Marketing at Google Indonesia.