Afghans buy everything online to avoid bombs and sexual harassment

Tinuku - Afghans buy cosmetics, computers, kitchen utensils, furniture, carpets, cars and real estate via online to avoid bombs and sexual harassment.,,, and dozens of start-ups will bring all the goods to online services as the fast growth where only a few ecommerce two years ago.

Suicide bombings and other attacks in Kabul have killed hundreds of people this year and security has been expected to deteriorate ahead of elections planned for October, while street sexual abuse is widespread. Online retailers come quickly to sell goods on websites including Rolex, Adidas, and Zara.

Tinuku Afghans buy everything online to avoid bombs and sexual harassment

Online shopping is a good experience in a country that is at war and no one is leaving for shopping, most of them smartphone users who are enthusiastic. The store does not need a physical presence in terms of stock and only a bridge between people and traders.

Big companies call startup ecommerce to sell imported goods. The bomb explosion delayed the delivery service, but insecurity is one of the reasons that online businesses have found their way. In addition to the insecurity, there is a bad culture of street abuse that afflicts many women in the city.

Trade ministry spokesman Musafer Qoqandi described online shopping as "unique" to a country that fought for more than four decades with about 50 companies in business and most of them unlicensed. The new online store culture started two years ago in Kabul and currently more than 20 online stores have licenses to trade.