Hino Motors announced new platform for small EV trucks

Tinuku - Hino Motors Ltd announced it has developed a new platform for commercial electric vehicles (EVs) and hopes to apply it to small trucks including so-called "1.5t-class" trucks. The front-wheel drive and battery cell platforms can be installed beneath the floor with full-size models that have the same layout and dimensions as the small EV trucks developed by Hino Motors in 2013.

Many trucks are FR (front-engine, rear-wheel-drive) vehicles and are equipped with a propeller shaft under the floor that causes the floor to be high and limit the space for the battery. Hino Motors uses a front-wheel drive system for the new EV platform that will address the issue where floor height is lowered from 860mm to 400mm.

Tinuku Hino Motors announced new platform for small EV trucks

"When used for trucks, platforms are easier to load and unload," the company said.

The platform may also be applicable to small buses where motors and inverters are installed under the driver's seat. Maximum output and maximum torque of each motor is 70kW and 280N. The capacity of the lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) below the floor is 28kWh for a driving distance of about 100 km per charge.

The battery is charged in about eight hours in normal charging mode and about 45 minutes in fast charging mode. The dimension of the EV platform is 4.520 (L) x 1.770 (W) x 2.000mm (H). The mass of EV trucks using the platform is 3.695kg, and the maximum loading capacity is 1,200kg.