Chubu Electric Power to buy solar electricity from residences

Tinuku - Chubu Electric Power Co Inc announced a service that will enable it to buy electricity produced with residential solar power generation (PV) systems. The service, Korekara Denki, will enable Chubu Electric's customers to trade electricity generated by them in various ways from November 2019.

Japanese electric utilities provider is considering a service for self-consuming solar electricity generated during daylight hours through time-shift or sharing solar electricity with family members living apart or companies. The company will fully launch the service in November 2019 nad it will make an announcement after the details of the service are determined, it said.

Tinuku Chubu Electric Power to buy solar electricity from residences

Korekara Denki is the second service for the Katene Connect brand, which is for uniformly deploying services using ICT and IoT. Prior to the start of the service, Chubu Electric will hold an event on Wednesday. Participants in the event can store energy consumed by healthfully moving their bodies in daily lives as points.

When a participant takes a walk or cheers at a soccer stadium, the energy consumed is considered as "power generated" and can be used by the participant afterwards. The event is open to anyone who can install a smartphone application. For example, if a participant takes 10,000 steps per day, it is considered as generating about ¥7 of electricity per day (¥84 per year), and points are stored.

The amount of electricity (points) can be checked with the smartphone application, and it can be used for paying an electricity bill and charging a smartphone by using a separately-sold IoT wireless charger. Preorders for the charger will be accepted from Sept 3, and its price is ¥5,980, excluding tax.