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Daihatsu released Mira Tocot for women with focus on security

Tinuku - Daihatsu Motor Co Ltd released the Mira Tocot is a new light car that was derived from the Mira e:s and which is the successor to its Cocoa model, whose production ended in February. Company said the Mira Tocot is targeted mainly at young women who will buy a car for the first time.

"It is said that young women like cute cars. However, when we actually interviewed young women, many of them said that they do not want to drive a cute car." said Daihatsu.

Tinuku Daihatsu released Mira Tocot for women with focus on security

Daihatsu stopped emphasizing "cuteness" and put weight on three kinds of security features in the development of the light car. The first is a feeling of safety while sitting in the driver's seat. The height of the interior of the new light car is 1,270 mm, which is 30 mm higher than that of the Mira e:s.

In addition, by employing an angular body and an instrument panel having many horizontal lines, it is easier to see the tip of the front hood and, thus, to understand the size of the auto body. Furthermore, Daihatsu increased the angle of the front pillars and attached door mirror to the door panels in the aim of reducing blind area and ensuring a wide front field of view.

The second is "safety just in case." The Mira Tocot is equipped with the Smart Assist III preventive safety system using a small stereo camera as a standard feature. The automatic brake of the system, which uses Denso Corp's stereo camera, supports not only vehicles but also daytime pedestrians. However, Daihatsu does not guarantee that the brake supports nighttime pedestrians.

Daihatsu added two ultrasonic sensors to the front bumper, improving the function to prevent the vehicle from starting moving forward by mistake. With the function, when there is an obstacle in front of the vehicle and the accelerator pedal is strongly pressed on, a sudden start is prevented by lowering engine output. Daihatsu released Mira Tocot for women with focus on security

In the case of the Mira e:s, this function is realized by using only a stereo camera. With the Mira Tocot, however, data collected by both the stereo camera and ultrasonic sensor are used to improve the function to detect obstacles in front of the vehicle.

The third factor is "safety while driving." Daihatsu improved visibility at the time of parking the vehicle and passing by another vehicle by using (1) "Panorama Monitor," which provides bird's-eye video of the surroundings of the vehicle, and (2) ultrasonic sensors located at the four corners of the vehicle. Also, steering force is reduced at the time of driving at a low speed, enabling women to easily operate the steering.

The Mira Tocot comes with KF Type (direct-injection three-cylinder naturally-aspirated engine) which focuses on fuel efficiency. The KF Type engine is combined with a CVT (continuously variable transmission), but the fuel efficiency (under the JC08 test mode) of the 2WD (front-wheel-drive) model of the Mira Tocot is only 29.8km/L (approx 70mpg in the US), which is lower than the fuel efficiency of the Mira e:s (35.2km/L).

The prices of the 2WD and 4WD models of the light car are ¥1,074,600-1,296,000 and 1,204,200-1,425,600, respectively. They are about ¥100,000 higher than the prices of the 2WD and 4WD models of the Mira e:s.


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