Temasek Holdings set record $221 billion portfolio

Tinuku - Singapore state investor Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd set a S$300 billion (US$221 billion) record for its portfolio backed by gains in DBS Group Ltd and Chinese banks, while boosting investment into technological statrups. The net portfolio value for the year ended March 31 rose by about 9 percent versus a nearly 14 percent increase to S$275 billion a year earlier.

Last year was a good moment in all asset classes and around the world where a portfolio value up to S$300 billion could be done. Last month, Temasek and GIC Pte Ltd became one among the key investors in a record US$14 billion fundraiser by Ant Financial Services Group. The company also invested more into online service company Meituan Dianping last year.

Tinuku Temasek Holdings set record $221 billion portfolio

Temasek reports its annual scorecard next week. CEO Ho Ching, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's wife, has brought the company into a global investor by streaming billions of dollars into technological and emerging market startups in recent years while still investing in real estate and infrastructure around the world.

Last year, Temasek's Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd purchased a US$1.6 billion North American property accommodation portfolio to expand its exposure to the sector. Analysts watch there is no tiredness in Temasek's investment in startups that often attract billions of dollars to compete in a competitive space.

Temasek also participated in funding at Go-Jek in Indonesia and led a US$502 million investment in Magic Leap Inc. in the US that developed augmented reality technology products. Last year, Temasek benefited from a 42 percent rise in DBS shares, China Construction Bank Corp. in Hong Kong up 29 percent, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. which rose more than 32 percent.