Warpspace to fly wedding plaques into space

Tinuku - Warpspace introduced a new service in partnership with popular local hotels for weddings with packages commemorating wedding into space. The Tsukuba-based start-up shows the sky is no longer the limit for lovers who are looking for unusual ways to commemorate their marriage.

The Japanese company now offers to blow up a space wedding plaque for around 30,000 yen (US$270) where newlyweds who are married at the hotel will be able to use their name and design elements on a 16-fifth-square-inch titanium plate that will be loaded onto a small satellite .

Tinuku Warpspace to fly wedding plaques into space

The satellite will be taken to the International Space Station in the supply module and then released by astronauts. Customers will receive photos of their plaques that spin among the stars. The company aims to make the space more accessible to ordinary people

"Space travel is not yet common but couples can send placards that bring their affections. I want them to spread their happiness in the sky," said Warpspace CEO Toshihiro Kameda.

Satellite launches are not expected until next year, but the company will soon start taking orders from the pair that ties the knot. The satellite is expected to stay in space for one to two years and will eventually burn in Earth's atmosphere when it goes down.