WhatsApp India says works with governments to fight hoaxes

Tinuku - Facebook Inc's WhatsApp in India will limit the spread of false information on their platfor and say that such tasks require partnership and society at large. The company responded to a request from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on Tuesday to take immediate steps to prevent the circulation of false information and provocative content.

India is WhatsApp's largest market with over 200 million users, but false information in apps has contributed to the massive increase in violence against more than a dozen people and at least three of them have died. On Sunday, five more were hanged in the western state of Maharashtra on suspicion of kidnapping children.

Tinuku WhatsApp India says works with governments to fight hoaxes

The ministry also says WhatsApp can not avoid accountability and responsibility when the service is misused by users to disseminate misinformation. The messaging service says it will provide users with control and information to help them stay safe in planning to run long-term public safety ad campaigns.

"Like the Government of India, we are horrified by this terrible act of violence and are eager to address important issues. We believe that false news, misinformation and the spread of hoaxes are collective issues where governments, civil society and technology companies work together," WhatsApp said in a letter to the ministry.