Why do many people enjoy coffee without sugar?

Tinuku - The majority of people enjoy a cup of sweet-tasting coffee by adding sugar, but many people prefer non-sweetened coffee. Mimi Alawiyah, one of the senior trainers at the Indonesian Coffee Academy (ICA), said that enjoying coffee is highly recommended without using sugar, and the main reason is not about health.

"Because the sugar will arise from the coffee itself, so if you will enjoy the original flavor does not need more sugar," said Alawiyah.

Tinuku Why do many people enjoy coffee without sugar

Alawiyah explains the pure coffee has its own sweet levels and it happens when planting plants until the roasting process of coffee beans. The series of processing of coffee beans to be coffee powder has a sweet taste, bitter, sour, and other extraction flavors simultaneously. Type of arabica coffee has a higher sweet content than robusta.

"So it's better not to use sugar, because the sugar will arise from the process of frying coffee beans in the burning process called caramelization, and it will produce sweet," said Alawiyah.