Xiaomi plans to United States market next year

Tinuku - Xiaomi plans to enter the United States market next year and will begin developing devices to be compatible with operator networks. VP Xiaomi Inc, Wang Xiang, on Thursday said the company plans by 2019 where the US market is "very attractive" and the company "hopes to do something" to build the deal.

The US Senate advised operators to terminate their contracts with Huawei, while ZTE was on the verge of closing after breaking the embargo treaty. The political situation between China and the United States brought tension, but Xiang remained positive.

Tinuku Xiaomi plans to United States market next year

The company highlights the good relationship between Xiaomi and the chipmakers based in San Diego, Qualcomm, and Alphabet. Xiang was responsible for Qualcomm's operations in China before joining Xiaomi.

Xiaomi's efforts to get into more markets now run well. The company managed to surpass Samsung as the largest seller in India and also penetrated into other major countries including France and Italy.