Google in talks with Tencent for cloud services in China

Tinuku - Alphabet Inc's Google is reportedly in talks with Tencent Holdings Ltd, Inspur Group and other Chinese companies to offer its cloud services in the mainland. The talks began in early 2018 and the internet giant narrowed partnership candidates to three firms in late March.

It is immediately unclear if the plans will proceed in the wake of increasing trade tensions between China and the United States, the report said. Google and Tencent did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Google, which quit China’s search engine market in 2010, has been actively seeking ways to re-enter China, where many of its products are blocked by regulators.

Tinuku Google in talks with Tencent for cloud services in China

Through local partnership, Google aims to run its internet-based services through the domestic data centers and servers of Chinese providers, similar to the way other U.S. cloud companies access that market, the report said. Google on Thursday reported plans to launch a version of its search engine in China that will block some websites and search terms.