Honda makes automatic brakes to overcome nighttime pedestrians

Tinuku - Honda Motor Co Ltd made improvements to the automatic brake (main function) of the "Honda Sensing" advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) so that it supports nighttime pedestrians. The "N-Van" commercial light car, released July 13, 2018, with the brake. This is Honda's first automatic brake supporting nighttime pedestrians.

Honda's automatic brake detects pedestrians mainly with a monocular camera attached to the upper part of the front window (on the inner side). The camera employed for the N-Van is a product of Robert Bosch GmbH. Bosch's camera has already been used for the "Civic" sedan and "N-Box" light car, but it supports only daytime pedestrians.

Tinuku Honda makes automatic brakes to overcome nighttime pedestrians

Honda made improvements to the software of the camera to make the automatic brake support nighttime pedestrians. Specifically, the company changed the pattern recognition algorithm to improve the performance of recognizing pedestrians at night.

"It also support JNCAP's automatic brake test targeted at nighttime pedestrians," the company said.

Honda will use Bosch's camera supporting nighttime pedestrians for vehicles that it will release in the future. And the company plans to employ the camera for existing vehicles including the Civic and N-Box when they are fully or partially remodeled.