Indonesia and Australia cyber cooperation to fight terrorism

Tinuku - Indonesia and Australia hold the 5th ministerial meeting on Saturday in Lombok, Indonesia. The meeting by the Indonesian Minister of Politics, Law and Security Wiranto and Australian Minister of Internal Affairs Peter Dutton was mainly to discuss new ways of dealing with terrorism and organized criminal groups that use enlisted devices to plan their attacks.

"We will see the relationship related to handling terrorism and efforts to stop the entry of illegal drugs through our borders. And also the important thing is to deal with terrorists and organized criminal groups using encripted devices to plan their attacks," said Dutton.

Tinuku Indonesia and Australia cyber cooperation to fight terrorism

Indonesia and Australia have a close relationship related to cooperation against acts of terrorism and radicalism. Both institutions have held five meetings and many developments have been carried out to get new methods to fight these actions.

"Australia and Indonesia have had the same understanding that to fight terrorism, radicalism is impossible to be opposed by only one country. But there must be close cooperation, genuine cooperation between countries," Wiranto said.

The two ministers in this fifth meeting had a lot of developments about cooperation between Indonesia and Australia to continue to develop the latest methods against acts of terrorism and radicalism that have obviously developed tactics, strategies and instruments.

The meeting discussed the cyber security cooperation in which Indonesia has just formed a national cyber agency that needs to have an exalation of capabilities, organizations, equipment and policies. The meeting also produced a Joint Communique that emphasized the importance of the two countries and continued to work together on legal and security issues.

"We have carried out everything in a friendly, open and constructive atmosphere. In a short time we have succeeded in agreeing on various matters concerning cooperation between Indonesia and Australia," Wiranto said.