Luxury chicken diapers booming in United States as become pets

Tinuku - The business of luxury chicken diapers has been booming in the United States as raising chicken has become popular over the decade. According to a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2013, nearly 1 percent of households in the country's biggest urban areas keep chickens and the number continues to rise.

People do not simply treat chickens as poultry, but also as pets. In some cities, raising chickens have even become a way of showing off wealth. Dressed with well-designed accessories, chickens are popular on Instagram as some accounts with thousands of followers have been posting a variety of well-dressed chickens.

Tinuku Luxury chicken diapers booming in United States as become pets

"We spend an insane amount of money. We thought we'd feed them leftovers, but our chickens end up eating grilled salmon, steak, fresh lettuce and organic watermelon," one chicken owner, Amina Azhar-Graham, told the Washington Post in March.

Chicken owners are also willing to pay for diapers which could catch chicken poop and prevent the birds from leaving excrements everywhere in the house. There are various brands of diapers with different prices, from around 17 U.S. dollars to nearly 40 dollars.

"The market is enormous and there's lots of competition," said Traci Torres, the owner of My Pet Chicken, who has sold more than 5,000 self-designed diapers since 2007.

For centuries, chickens were seen as dirty, replaceable livestock, but now the growth of the luxury chicken industry shows shifting attitudes toward the bird, Julie Baker, owner of a chicken diaper brand Pampered Poultry, told The Outline.

"Over the last couple of years, it has changed to people actually calling their chickens pets. They are not diapers. They serve absolutely no purpose. Literally, no purpose, other than to look cute. They're ridiculous," Baker said.