Ola launches think-tank unit for mobility research

Tinuku - Cab-aggregator platform Ola has launched Ola Mobility Institute, a policy research and social innovation unit to develop knowledge frameworks that will focus on the intersection of mobility and public good.

The unit will initially focus on knowledge frameworks to better understand the social and economic impact around five areas, mobility as a service, the climate footprint of mobility innovations, skill development and job creation, transportation-oriented urban planning, and the digitization of mobility.

Tinuku Ola launches think-tank unit for mobility research

The institute includes an initial team of strategic thinkers, researchers, academics, and policy specialists trained around the world, including the Indian Institutes of Technology, Harvard University, Oxford University, King’s College, among others, with plans to add a dozen mobility experts to its team over the next year.

“The ongoing revolution in mobility sector promises to improve the lives of citizens, create significant employment and livelihood opportunities, and dramatically reduce congestion and pollution in cities,” said Anand Shah, senior vice president for Strategic Initiatives at Ola.

Ola Mobility Institute had already launched “Mission: Electric” earlier his year, to convene mobility providers and leverage their fleets to make electric mobility viable at scale. As part of this program, Ola made a commitment to put 1 million electric vehicles on the road in the next three years.

The institute is also working with global institutions to develop a framework to assess mobility in cities across India and other markets, with plans to publish a report on this research in October.