Samsung targets mid-range smartphones with high tech

Tinuku - Amid intense competition in the mid-range smartphone segment, South Korean major Samsung Electronics has reworked its strategy to incorporate new innovations to its mid-range devices rather than limiting advanced features to just the premium range of products.

“In flagship model, we are quite strong and dominant in the Indian market, but in the mid segment the competition is very hard. That is the reason, earlier this February, I changed the strategy,” said D.J. Koh, president and CEO (IT and mobile communications) at Samsung.

Tinuku Samsung targets mid-range smartphones with high tech

“Starting this October-December, we will launch new products that will be differentiated in features and functions and technologies regardless of whether flagship or not… Last nine months, we worked on this strategy to adopt new technologies in the mid-end smartphones,” Koh said.

“When 5G technology comes in and starts to be deployed globally, we will need to look at smartphone business differently. In the 4G era, smartphone is at the centre, but in 5G, smart things will be at the centre. I am very much excited about the 5G era,” Koh added.