Samsung to start sales of Galaxy Watch in South Korea

Tinuku - Samsung Electronics Co. said Sunday that sales of its latest smartwatch will kick off in South Korea this week, with the company touting the new device will have several days of battery life on a single charge.

Samsung has adopted the Galaxy brand for its smartwatches as of 2018, claiming it aims to seek stronger connectivity with its smartphone devices. The official release is slated for Monday.

Tinuku Samsung to start sales of Galaxy Watch in South Korea

Previous watches made by the tech company were branded under the Gear series, with Samsung introducing the first Gear in 2013. The first Galaxy Watch will come in two sizes, with the silver-colored version having a watch face of 46 mm, while the smaller 42 mm edition sports either black or gold cases.

The company said it especially focused on getting the watches to run for several days, claiming most smartwatch users have found the usage time a key factor in picking up wearable devices.

Samsung Electronics said the 46 mm edition can run for 80 hours on average, or up to 168 hours if it is set to minimum power mode. The 42 mm edition can run for 45 hours straight without recharging. The battery capacity of the larger edition stands at 472 mAh, while that of the smaller device is 270 mAh.

Featuring different health care-related features, the device's heartbeat sensor can analyze users' sleep patterns and provide tips to improve one's habits. The new Galaxy can keep track up to 39 different exercises, with six of them being automatic without input from the user.

It can also assist users with indoor activities, including pushups or deadlifts. The smartwatches feature morning and evening briefings as well, providing users with necessary information ranging from weather to schedules.

Running on Samsung's Tizen operating system, the watches connect to smartphones that run on systems higher than Android 5.0 or iOS 9.0. Samsung said it decided to adopt the Tizen operating system to provide distinctive services to users outside the scope of Android.