SpaceX Dragon capsule landed in Pacific Ocean, return from ISS

Tinuku - The SpaceX Dragon cargo ship that arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) on July 2, after launching from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on June 29, has finally come back home. It has made it safely back to Earth, splashing into the Pacific Ocean just after 6PM Eastern.

SpaceX tweeted the capsule's progress throughout the day, noting its successful departure burns that separated it from the ISS and when to expect its arrival. The spacecraft has been prepped for the return to Earth since yesterday, when the astronauts on board the ISS finished loading up the capsule with all the important cargo destined for the trip home.

Tinuku SpaceX Dragon capsule landed in Pacific Ocean, return from ISS

“The Expedition 56 crew has finished loading Dragon with sensitive research results and station gear for analysis and refurbishment back on Earth,” a NASA blog post on August 2.

Its return completes the CRS-15 mission, which brought scientific experiments, crew provisions, equipment and other supplies to the ISS. NASA says it will take approximately two days for the capsule to be retrieved and brought back to port, after which the cargo and experiments it returned will be unloaded.