Australia-Indonesia-Singapore submarine cable networks to operate

The number - XL Axiata Tbk ensures the Australia-Indonesia-Singapore sea cable communication system project has been completed and will operate on schedule. XL Axiata's Technology Director, Yossie Yosetya, said the project which began in December 2017 was 100% and begin operations in September.

The Sea Cable Communication System (SKKL) stretches along 4,600 kilometers and connects Australia and Singapore. XL Axiata participated as Indonesia's representative in this project as well as landing partner and administrator.

Tinuku Australia-Indonesia-Singapore submarine cable networks to operate

"Ready to operate on schedule," Yosetya said.

The project worked on by Vocus Group and Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) aims to expand bandwidth capacity and enhance regional access security. This international communication route through Australia is considered safer than the route through the Philippines.

"For the first time, this is a hub in the middle of traffic flow that connects Asia and North America and is not an end of fiber optic networks in the region," said Vocus Group Chairman Vaughan Bowen.