Huawei leads 5G with R&D investment of $13.2 billion last year

Tinuku - To prepare for the upcoming commercialization of the fifth-generation network early next year, Huawei has been making sizable investments in research and development for 5G technologies, with the amount reaching some US$13.2 billion last year.

“For the next 10 years, the company will continue expanding investments, more than $10 billion each year, in new technological innovation,” said rotating CEO Ken Hu at the Huawei Analyst Summit in April.

Tinuku Huawei leads 5G with R&D investment of $13.2 billion last year

That investment by the Shenzhen-headquartered network equipment and solutions provider equaled 14.9 percent of its annual sales. In July, Huawei announced a $5 billion increase in its R&D budget for this year, with 20 to 30 percent of the increase said to be allocated for basic science research.

Such R&D efforts led the company to its current position as the world’s biggest 5G patent holder, with 1,481 patents in the field of 5G New Radio, according to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Across all sectors, Huawei issued 112,849 patents and registered 74,307 patents as of last year.