JDI's XHD-01 Sparta smart helmet has head-up display

Tinuku - Japan Display Inc (JDI) prototyped a smart helmet that has a display function using an automotive head-up display (HUD). The helmet, "XHD-01 Sparta," was announced at a press meeting that JDI had to explain its business strategies. It is expected to be employed for motorbikes, etc.

The XHD-01 Sparta works in conjunction with a special smartphone application via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc and projects images of speedometers, GPS information, reception of e-mails and so forth.

Tinuku JDI's XHD-01 Sparta smart helmet has head-up display

It has a rechargeable battery, the LCD display of the HUD, circuit board, etc in the helmet and a half mirror on the inner side of the visor. JDI aims to release the helmet basically as a B-to-C product and start volume production in fiscal 2019.

An HUD is a device for displaying vehicle speed, navigational information, warnings, etc on the windshield of a vehicle. It projects images 1-1.5m away from the driver's eyes. In the case of the new helmet, video of the LCD display to be located near the top of the user's head is magnified and projected on the half mirror.

Tinuku.com JDI's XHD-01 Sparta smart helmet has head-up display

Because the video can be seen in almost the same area that the user sees at the time of driving the vehicle, the driver does not have to greatly change the line of sight or focus, preventing the helmet from affecting driving.

Also, because of its simple structure, JDI considers that it is possible to reduce risks when an impact is applied to the helmet.