Macrogen launches DNA-based personalized home training service

Tinuku - South Korea’s top gene-sequencing service provider, Macrogen Inc, has launched a personalized home-training service designed on the basis of the client’s genetic makeup, the company said Monday.

DNA testing, a way for individuals to learn about their genes and related health markers, is increasingly being used today to help people improve their lifestyles and devise diets suited to their physiological makeup.

Tinuku Macrogen launches DNA-based personalized home training service

Taking this concept into the realm of physical fitness, Macrogen, which launched the service in partnership with local DNA analysis company Healthy Friends, says it is the first of its kind in Korea.

Customers who sign up for the service will receive a saliva kit. Using the sample provided, Macrogen examines the DNA markers that are crucial to fitness alongside other factors, such as the client’s lifestyle and fitness habits.

Based on the information, it will design an optimized home fitness video for the customer to follow via mobile app or PC screen. A total of 28 videos will be provided over the course of four weeks. The all-inclusive service costs 340,000 won (US$306). At an extra cost, customers can also opt to receive consultations on personalized diet programs, Macrogen said.

“Macrogen has been working to introduce various personalized services based on DNA analysis. We hope the newly launched home-training service will help people manage their health in the most optimal way,” said Macrogen CEO Yang Kap-seok in a statement.