South Korea strengthen defense against drone attacks

Tinuku - South Korea will strengthen measures to guard against terrorist attacks involving drones, as such small unmanned aircraft have been increasingly used in terror acts around the world, officials said Monday.

Concerns about drone attacks flared anew following an apparent assassination attempt on Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro early last month, in which two explosive-carrying drones went off during a military ceremony.

Tinuku South Korea strengthen defense against drone attacks

On Monday, officials from terror-related ministries and agencies, such as the police, the military and the state intelligence agency, held a regular anti-terrorism meeting and discussed measures to fend off drone attacks, the Office for Government Policy Coordination said.

"The meeting checked on how well key domestic events and major facilities are prepared against drone terrorism and related agencies decided to put together measures to strengthen protection against drone attacks," the office said in a statement.

Officials also discussed ways to prevent the online spread of 3-D blueprints of guns and other weapons because they could be used to make illegal weapons for terror attacks. Officials said they will strengthen monitoring of the Internet to remove such postings immediately. The government will promote awareness among printing firms that it's illegal to 3-D print weapons or post their blueprints online, officials said.

Officials also decided to conduct this year's annual anti-terrorism exercise at Gyeonggin Port in Incheon, west of Seoul. The drill will feature such scenarios as a hijacking of a passenger ship, a shooting spree and a drone attack on the passenger terminal, officials said.