Electric, Electronic, Electromagnetic Locks

Electric, Electronic, Electromagnetic Locks

At the moment you are going to buy the devices to protect and secure your office or home within it in different sectors, in a trade, industry, etc., we find a wide variety of options. We are going to focus on the type of mag lock to select.

First we will define two concepts: SAFE and SECURE,  what we call security, has two different terms,

SAFE: Safety of people.
SECURE: Security of goods.

So, we have locks. FAIL SAFE, that in the case of a failure or cut of privileged energy in the safety of people, this is the case of electromagnetic locks for example, that can be released to people evacuate the place freely.

An electromagnetic lock, it is classified according to the effort necessary to open them by kilograms of force.

They come available in 120lbs, 140lbs, 300lbs, 600lbs, 800lbs and 1200lbs.  

An electric bolt, which is also a case of power failure releases the door.

Then we have an option that comes in both Fail Safe mode and Fail Secure, are the traditional electric latches, available in NC or Fail Safe

Now, it is possible to work differently with each one of the locks, make the maglocks to not release even in the case of the power cut, in this case, use a UPS so that the whole system the locks remain operative.

When using a UPS will be necessary to implement an emergency system to open, usually installed, somewhere inaccessible, a button of the type breaks the glass, the green color is selected in a way that is not confused with one of fire.