Access Control: Another Method To Stay Safe

If you want your property to be safe and sound, you'll want to have adequate security devices in place such as access control. Access control is another name for a type of keyless entry and can be used in residential or commercial settings. With access controlling devices, individuals don't have to worry about lost keys and can actually tell who has entered or exited by the tracking system. This can be great for workplaces with multiple employees, cleaning crews and others coming and going at off hours. Here are some ways to keep your property secured:

Access controls and keypads: There are various types of electronic devices to allow accessibility into a home or commercial establishment. Keypads are often used which are hardwired to the electrical systems. There may be a universal code to punch in for some individuals and different ones for others. An example of this in a business setting would be employees with a set code and janitorial or maintenance crews with another. That would be a way to track who is where and when.

During business hours customers and clients may need to be buzzed in by a staff member. This is typically a task assigned to the receptionist or security guard, depending on what type of business it is. In a residential setting, the kids might all have a universal code and the keypad might be on the garage door. The front door could remain locked while Mom and Dad are at work yet the kids could still get in and out. No more worrying about lost keys. As long as Junior doesn't tell all his friends the code, you're all set.

Hotel room access: Hotels and motels used to give out metal keys and still do in quaint Bed and Breakfast establishments, especially those in Europe. But the modern day hotels and motels now use an access system based around a plastic card very similar to a credit or debit card. This card is magnetized with a specific code, which will flip the lock and allow entrance. Once a guest has checked in, he or she needs to flip the deadbolt into the locked position to be safer and sounder while inside the room.

Maglock and key security devices: this devices will be sufficient for deterring burglars and unwanted visitors. The type on a door handle isn't as effective as one paired with a deadbolt system. Maglocks  are virtually break-in proof and are more effective than the ones that can be purchased off the shelves at your local hardware store.