Hospital Access Control Solution

The solution for a professional access control service inside a hospital include different floors to give the hospital staff access to areas such as emergencies, operating rooms, maternity, storage of medicines and sanitary materials and manage efficiently the visits of the patients.

Through access control security, which has a centralized database, permits are granted to access the different restricted areas.

At the time of discharge of a patient in the management software, the number is sent to one or more terminals that give access to the assigned room. The patient's relatives who are authorized will also have access to the hospital areas through a bar code integrated with the patient's number and may enter during the established period of time. When access is completed, access is automatically restricted again.

Access for hospital staff is through card access control systems.

The access control terminals installed allow access through ultimate technology, barcode or optional emergency pin. In addition to having the usual features of an access control system and presence, such as:

    Door management
    Management of additional readers
    Time control and permissions
    Recovery of transfers

his type of access control solution has been chosen for the following features:

    Your system can create an extensive network of access and presence control terminals with offline operation.
    It has multiple relays that activate the alarms when there are open doors without permits.
    The terminal has the ability to integrate auxiliary readers.
    The same terminal can be configured to perform presence control.