How to integrate IP CCTV and access control?

Technological options for integral management IP technology allows, among other benefits, that different types of systems, with different purposes, communicate with each other.

In this case, we answer about how an access control and schedule control can be integrated with the IP video system.- What kind of controls do we differentiate?

We must distinguish between two types of controls: the access controls and those of personnel. However, the motivations of the two systems are different. In personnel control, it is important to accurately record the time of entry and exit of each employee.

These systems are composed of re-locks of signatures, which are connected through the IP network with a server that keeps all the records and prepares the settlement. In contrast, in the access controls, what interests is enabling or not access to a restricted area, according to the permissions that the person has.

Is there a unified control? - Sometimes, these controls can be carried out by the same device. For example, we can unlock a windmill every time an employee makes his signature when entering work. In this way, the entry time is recorded and access to the workplace is enabled.- What type of identification technologies do they use?

The two types of equipment can use different identification technologies and even combine them. The most common are identification income by numeric keypad, proximity card (RFID) and fingerprint. Also, for a while now, hand geometry, facial identification and iris have begun to be used.

What is the purpose of integrating video intercom system? Basically, to combine the information recorded by both systems and, eventually, take control biases. automatics o manuals. In this way, it is possible, for example, to confirm that a proximity card for access control is being used by the indicated person, to watch the proper use of the decried clocks, to control the opening of access ports from the video surveillance system, between other multiple examples.- How can I integrate them?

INTEGRATION BY HARDWARE: through this option, the entry and exit contacts that have some cameras and access and time controls. By making a physical connection between both, both the camera and the access controller can detect levels of tension to receive notifications or close contacts to send them.

This interaction can be observed both from the video management system and from the access control system.