Security and design: New era of access control systems

Smart solutions for access to offices, administrative buildings, banks and financial institutions

We know the importance that the issue of security has taken in recent years, especially since it has been reflected in all sectors, industrial, business, government, school, among others.

This aspect is very important for buildings or buildings that register large numbers of people throughout the day, such as business buildings, government buildings, banks and financial institutions; where it becomes more difficult to control the entry and exit of people efficiently and functionally, because each building has specific needs where automatic units for physical access control systems are an essential element for the integral security of the property.

In this type of buildings, which in addition to having to guarantee efficient security, have a prestige to safeguard, it becomes necessary to have solutions that besides being safe, also have a design that is consistent with the architecture of the property. That is why an attractive design that complements its environment, adds to the general atmosphere and is easy to use it becomes a crucial factor in the choice of physical access control equipment.

Because triumphal entries make a great impression

The entrance doors to prestigious buildings have to satisfy a wide variety of needs and expectations, including attractive design, great safety functionality and excellent thermal insulation.

That's why we recommend the revolving doors , which are positioned as an excellent option for a triumphal entry, since it has a varied portfolio of designs to complement any modern architectural style, and on the other hand, thanks to its proven motor technology and control unit, also meet the strict safety requirements of the property, such as versions with resistance to theft.

Design and security in favor of security in lobbies

One of the main objectives of controlling access in the lobbies of buildings is to prevent and avoid unauthorized access, this through turnstiles, half-height turnstiles or sensor barriers to meet the needs of each space, for example, optimize the access control of the personnel.

Reliable and efficient access to restricted access areas

Each building of government offices, banks, or businesses, has areas that can only be accessed by authorized personnel at certain times of the day. The access points to these areas are not subject to constant personnel surveillance, which requires reliable and safe access control units that can adjust to the different requirements and levels of access control security.

For these areas without personal surveillance, the security revolving door provides fast and efficient access control. These electronically monitored revolving doors work perfectly to save space, are easy to use and attractive in design.