Tips for choosing an access control lock.

To control the access of a door there are different methods, to choose the correct one we will need to take into account some details about the type of door and where it is located, in this post we will give the suggestion of some ways in which a control can be installed access and what type of lock to use.

Access control for wooden door

For a wooden door the most recommended is a plywood, this is because the installation is done on the wooden frame of the door and it is easier to hide the wiring in the same frame, these countertops usually work at 12v DC . The great advantage is that the door continues with its original sheet and only the part that holds it is in the frame, when access is released and the door can be pulled or pushed as would normally be done.

Electric plywood closed in case of failure

Access control for Metal door

For the metal door, it is advisable to use a maglock or electric sheet, since the weight of the door is greater, the type of device needs to be more robust. The advantage of the electromagnet is that it works continuously energized with 12V and needs little maintenance for its correct operation, the great disadvantage is that it is not recommended if the door hits the street directly, this is because the lack of power or any failure with the electromagnet would leave the door without security, if the door is small or light with a 600lbs electromagnet it will be necessary, if the door is heavy 1200-1500 pounds of force are recommended.

With respect to the electrical sheet, its continuous operation tends to fail after a certain number of openings, most of these plates need transformers with output of 12-16V AC, a great advantage is that they offer security with keys of different types, if Cut the current simply do not open unless it is with your key.

Magnetic plate of 1200 lbs with UL certification Electric Lock 321DC with key. Right electric lock.

Access control security for glass door

The glass doors are delicate it is very difficult or almost impossible to drill them, if they are tempered and you try to drill the glass undoubtedly breaks. The best and sometimes the best way is using electromagnets, although there is also the least used option of putting locks at floor level to stop the door.

One of the things that we must take into account when controlling access to a glass swing door by means of an electromagnet, is that the door will no longer be foldable, sounds logical, but we do not always have it. To place an electromagnet in this or another door you need supports that depending on the frame around the door will be the support to use. The most common are "L" and "Z" supports, these work well for other doors that can be pierced, but for glass doors the option is to use a "U" support, this support will hug the door without damage or perforate the glass, on this is mounted the magnetic backing that will make contact with the electromagnet.