What is access control?

Access Control is an electronic system that allows or limits the opening and closing of a door. The basis of the system is that the door identifies the user and only allows the passage to those who are authorized. This function can be done remotely or with specific methods that we will see throughout the article.

What types of Access Control Systems for doors are there?

In the security market there are two types of Access Control:

Autonomous Access Control.
Access Control connected Internet.

Autonomous Access Control
A security system for autonomous doors is characterized by not being connected to the Internet. In this way, although it allows control who accesses and who does not, it does not offer more functions since events are not recorded.

Access Control connected to the cloud
On the other hand, if we connect our door to the Internet we obtain great advantages. Access Control connected to the cloud use software that manages the access network via the Internet. Thanks to this it is possible to register who accesses, when it does it and what door it uses.

In addition, you can also remotely authorize new users or block those who do not want them to use that gate.


What types of identification does Access Control have?

An Access Control system can identify the authorized user in the following ways:

With password entered in a control panel.
By biometric password with specific sensor.
Through proximity tags.

Password through control panel
This type of identification is more common in doors with Autonomous Access Control. In this sense, the usual password identification is the one that offers a more limited level of security. The password is entered through a control panel that supports numbers, letters, symbols or combinations of the above. In this sense, the security of the device will depend on the complexity of the password and the caution of users not to reveal it.

Biometric password through specific sensor
In a higher degree of security are biometric passwords, also typical of autonomous systems. They work by means of a specific sensor that can detect the fingerprint, recognize ours, make a retinal scanner, etc.