Why should you invest in content marketing for your restaurant?

Why should you invest in restaurant marketing for your business?

    You will create a connection with current and potential customers.
    The content humanizes your brand and makes it accessible.
    It is easily shareable.
    You can reuse and reuse marketing materials and images.

What are the steps to launch content marketing?

Define your strategy and objectives: Identify your audience and develop content that is useful, interesting and enamoring and defines the objectives you pursue.

Create a calendar: You can start by building a monthly calendar and keep in your content dates, events, seasons, holidays, events.

Define the style and tone: Be authentic and exciting. Use a combination of text, images and video. The boring content is not captivating, so be creative.

Optimize your content: Use important keywords and care and optimize audiovisual content. If you are linking back to your website, use the same keywords in your content as in your website.

Monitoring and measurement: Measure, measure and measure again. Track the content and interactions of your audience (comments, I like you, times it is shared, visualizations, etc.). Present your results and adjust your tactics.

What tools should I incorporate into my content plan?

You can start with a blog on your restaurant's website. Your restaurant's blog is the cornerstone of your content marketing strategy.

This space will allow you to carry out cross promotions and link all your photos, videos and content in your blog, web and social network accounts. All those links to and from your website will help you position yourself in search engine results like Google. Very important! Create original content

What can you write about? We leave you some ideas as a starting point:

    Seasonal recipes
    Special events
    Interview with farmers, ranchers, suppliers.
    Wine or beer pairing with dishes