10 tips for your restaurant to succeed in social networks.

  1. 1. Create a company profile in the most appropriate social media, Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business, mainly. Although if you have time, training or budget, you can also be present on YouTube, Pinterest or Twitter. The important thing is not to be at all. The important thing is to capture the interest of your followers where you decide to be.

    2.Set digital marketing goals. First of all ask yourself what you are going to be in social networks for, and set digital marketing objectives that are measurable, attainable and Develop a content strategy and prepare the monthly agenda. Before publishing anything, prepare a type of content template for each social network and in it specify what you are going to publish, what image or video will illustrate the post and what you want to achieve with that publication. You will see how it is much easier and faster to generate quality content.

    3.Post content of interest and often. In the agenda you have indicated what you are going to publish, but this content has to add value to your followers. What seems fantastic to you may not be. Establish 3 or 4 thematic axes of communication of aspects that differentiate your restaurant from the competition and work the content based on them.

    4.Customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days. When more social networks have this type of business are weekends, evenings or holidays. Therefore, keep in mind that customers demand immediacy when they leave you a comment. It is very possible that they use these channels to make a reservation for the same night. If you don’t answer at the moment, you will surely have lost a customer.

    5.Top quality images. Forget about uploading an unfocused image or of the tops on the counter. If you want to do it well, dedicate one morning to do a photo session of all the dishes of your letter, taking care of both the framing and the light and the props. I recommend you follow other similar accounts that do well and take note of how they make up the image. The zenith planes work very well for this type of images.

    6.Optimized profiles with complete contact information. Fill in all the data that each of the social networks allows. Not only the telephone, e-mail or postal address. For example, Facebook allows you to publish the menu, the type of cuisine it offers or the schedule.

    7.Consider the most prominent influencers in your area. It is not that you invite anyone to your restaurant, but it is good that you maintain a good relationship with gastronomic portals or users with the ability to influence the local foodie community.

    8.Plan advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads, Instagram or Google Adwords. If your goal is to know or encourage reservations to your restaurant, I advise you to invest at least a small economic amount each month in advertising. You will be surprised to check the profitability of these types of campaigns in this sector.

    9.Work email marketing. These types of actions are also very profitable. In a non-invasive way, ask your customers for their e-mail so that they can send information of interest periodically.

    10.Analyze and evaluate all actions every week. In digital marketing everything is measurable and quantifiable, therefore, let’s take advantage of this and periodically analyze the results we are getting with the actions taken.


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    5 Common mistakes in CCTV


    It is falsely believed that a CCTV system can replace an alarm system. There are many cases where it is mentioned that a video system is better, because it can replace several sensors, with digital motion detection.

    Although that might be the idea in some years, once the video analysis and intelligence software matures; For now it is NOT a good replacement. Motion detection in a CCTV system fulfills the function of making the recording task more efficient, but it is not its intention to play the role of traditional sensors.

    The true role of a video system is the VERIFICATION and RECORD of the events that have occurred and detected by traditional alarm systems. In this way when a sensor detects and the alarm panel warns, the man in charge must use the video system to verify what happened and react in a timely manner, without exposing its integrity. Additionally a CCTV system is excellent for deterrent effects.


    In addition to knowing the format (size of the CCD), resolution (vertical and horizontal lines), sensitivity (ability to general useful video signals, in low lighting), type of power and possibility of camera color, features should be investigated for specific applications, such as Manual White Adjustment Control (WBC), when there are multiple types of lighting; or WDR (A Backlight Compensation circuit, of better quality than the typical BLC); The camera must have the ability to handle auto-controlled lenses directly or by video (DC / VD); It is important to know the “Phase” setting when the cameras are AC power and also make the proper adjustment of the iris, with the “Level” potentiometer. Finally it is key to verify the level of gamma, as well as the level of the signal to noise ratio, the operating temperature and relative humidity.

    When the camera does not use auto-iris lenses, it is essential that it has a high-speed shuter or ESC compensation circuit. Important to know the differences between CCD, CMOS, SIMD and the new HD or high resolution. In all these little details and acronyms, sometimes confusing and meaningless, are the big differences in each camera.


    Nowadays the sensitivity of the cctv security cameras has improved a lot, that is, they can easily see very low light levels. However, many manufacturers take advantage of other functions such as the ability to see infrared light and then it is very common to say that the camera sees 0 Lux. Actually, he is seeing with good light, generated by the infrared spotlights, only that for the human it is darkness.

    Here we find several types of cameras:
    Those that are in color and when the crown of IR light is turned on, they continue to see in color, only that the IR light when reflected is observed in the image in a monochromatic way.

    Those who perform a video analysis and when the lighting is so low, they decide to change the operation of the video processor and really change color to black and white, freeing the processor from identifying and generating colors, and therefore increasing its resolution and sensitivity , in monochrome mode. This feature is very popular in places where darkness is really an inevitable company. The latter are, of course, more expensive and of better quality. Even some may also have IR LED’s crown or not.

    That mechanically remove an IR light filter that allows you to modify its sensitivity and resolution characteristics. The vast majority of cameras called “Day / Night”, are of type a), only a few of excellent quality and high price belong to group b) or c). So please look very well what you are buying.


    The vast majority of installations use the standard lenses of the market (which are the most economical) and / or those that come with the camera from the factory. However, in many occasions very large areas are seen where the detail is lost and in others details are seen but coverage sites are lost.

    I have always said that nobody invests a large sum of money in a CCTV system, to detect that it was stolen by “someone, who seems to be a human.” The idea of ​​a video surveillance system is to determine exactly, what is the identification of the intruder, or thief and that perfect evidence of the incident occurred is recorded. Otherwise we are throwing money …

    The proper combination of the camera format and the calculation of the focal length of the lens allows the field of vision obtained to be the desired one. To do this we must measure the distance from the camera to the oA suitable combination of the camera format and the calculation of the focal length of the lens allows the field of vision obtained to be the desired one. For this we must measure the distance from the camera to the object I want to see, and additionally take the horizontal and vertical measurements of the object. With these parameters and knowing the camera format, I can easily obtain the focal length of the lens expressed in millimeters. This way I guarantee that in each site, I see exactly what I want, neither more nor less.

    When the calculated lens does not exist exactly on the market, it is good to use manual varifocal lenses, which allow me some tolerance and variation. However I MUST calculate the varifocal lens and not be content with the traditional varifocal (3.5 to 8 mm), which in many cases fall short or long to the real needs.

    I recommend using the calculators, which each brand of lenses has available on the Internet, or more practical and professional to learn how to use the table (round and slide) that many manufacturers give at trade shows and safety shows. Another alternative is to do the calculations using the simple mathematical formulas (any basic CCTV course, teaches them), when you have all the data and finally use a real measuring lens (spyglass type) with which you can easily observe the scene and Know the relevant focal length.

    Subsequently, I must take into account the F-Stop or maximum aperture of the Iris to be used, verify if the type of Autoiris (DC / Video) lens that my camera can handle and in case of using cameras with an IR crown, demand a lens that sees both types of light clearly.


    We never design, install, sell and / or quote these items, because the cost of the system is greatly increased.

    The mistake is that not taking them into account the budgets always fail and in the end it is the same end user who cries out, making us look ridiculous, because we look like beginners … has it happened to them? When we use cameras outdoors, there are many accessories that are used to ensure the proper functioning of the image capture unit. The covers and supports are the main and most common.

    In this regard there are formulas to know which is the best cover and the length of the support. There are IP (International Protection) or NEMA tables, to know the degree of protection needed. However, the only thing I can recommend in this article is that we DO NOT replace them with the elements that are manufactured locally with Creole technology and misused. The material, shape and type of finish of covers and supports, is essential to give a long life to electronic equipment. Accessories such as glass cleaner, heater, fan, rheostat, pressurization and thermal insulation cover, are indispensable when the cameras are under the elements of the sun and rain. Long-range IR bulbs, signal encoders, transceivers for transmission medium change, adequate ground and excellent electrical energy from a UPS; They are an excellent complement for everything to work as expected.

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    Esto = no
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    Why is it important to have a video surveillance system?

    The safety of people, is a priority for authorities and society as a whole, whether in homes, businesses, corporate buildings or public spaces.


    Video surveillance systems and the prevention and connectivity capacity they provide are essential, becoming a key part of any security system, whether it is a home, building and business.

    CCTV, How it work?

    In our country and in the world, there are various security systems to protect the different spaces in which we live every day: from doors with very complex systems to guarantee access only to the right people, to fences, motion detectors or even alarms .

    For example, if a room house has an adequate surveillance system, it can detect unusual activity and inform the owners of any movement that occurs allowing it to alert the authorities, which will allow a faster reaction, facilitating the recognition of criminals

    Thinking about it, many manufacturers  has launched its line of Performance and cctv security cameras, aimed at a large number of industries and users, adjusting to all types of budgets and budgets without neglecting the cutting-edge technology and quality that distinguishes its products, thus becoming the best option for all those who seek to safeguard the integrity of the various environments in which they carry out their daily activities.

    How to choose the best security system?

    The big difference between an efficient video surveillance system and another type of security system depends on the type of user needs.

    There are high quality cameras that are easy to install and maintain, such as the Performance IP Series, which include seven IP cameras from 1.3 to 3 megapixels in different designs: dome, ball and bullet, which makes them ideal solutions for homes, offices, retail stores and warehouses.

    In addition, these types of cameras use the “Motorized Focal Zoom” technology, which automatically focuses after zooming, which allows the installer to fine tune the camera and field of vision after placement. It allows you to capture sharp images with high resolution details and offer a correct relationship between the object and the surroundings to avoid distortion on the screen.

    Another advantage of this series is that its installation and connection is very simple (Plug & Play) which makes them an extremely user-friendly device, adjusting to the DIY approach (“do it yourself” or “do it yourself ”) Characteristic of Honeywell products.

    These cctv systems also allow that in low light environments the images have excellent quality, without the need to be large, thanks to the compression of video data, which allows for more durable storage and less need for equipment handling for users.

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    “Arma Caras” es el 5to libro creado y editado por Ediciones Libres. Es un libro para recortar, pegar y pintar. El concepto es que somos todos iguales pero distintos. 

    El concepto es correcto, amigos de @edicioneslibreschile. 🤗

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    Llévatelo de aquí corriendo

    —  Caos de pensamientos.

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