Comply with the safety of your company and mark emergency signs well

If you have a place, if you work in offices, both you and your employees should know the importance of a good signage that indicates the ways of rescue and fire. And we are all accustomed to pass in front of many emergency and safety signs without seeing them.

These signals are all those that indicate exit signs, fire extinguishers, alarms. These stickers do not stand out because they are precisely beautiful, they do not seek to attract attention. But they must be useful and above all comply with the regulations. It is very important when we label a place, do not leave these signs neglected or last and only to comply with the file. Normally, and luckily they are not used, but if one day there is a fire or any emergency they can save our lives.

How an exit sign should be.

Any exit sign must show characteristics, size, color. All these features are regulated and if any sticker or sign does not fulfill this purpose it is of no use. That is why it is important that you do not skimp on the price of them, and verify that they have the characteristics required by the different regulations that regulate them. It is of no use a signal that indicates the emergency exit, if when the light goes out it is not visible, for that reason they must all be photo-luminescent and have certain measures, according to the space where they are placed, at a certain height that allows it to be visible and clearly indicating the evacuation routes. On the other hand, the Technical Building Code must be kept in mind.

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