Differences IP camera vs analog cameras

We will detail the characteristics of each camera system so you can know the difference between them.
CCTV systems features

Traditional CCTV systems (Closed Circuit TV) were made up of one or more cameras that are connected to a recorder using a coaxial cable.

The recorder can store these images and if allowed to send the images over the Internet or just record them.

The price of analog or CCTV security cameras are cheaper for the technology used. Since the camera does not include just components, it only captures the image and sends it to the recorder who processes it, records it …

CCTV systems necessarily require the installation of a recorder that makes installation more expensive.

The installation must be wired, supplying power in the same coaxial cable.

Advantages IP cameras over analog cameras

We recommend using CCTV IP cameras for its most advanced technology, among them we can highlight:

    It is not mandatory to install a recorder. Although if you wish you can install ONVIF cameras and ONVIF recorders to make them compatible.
    You can install one or more IP cameras. It does not have a minimum of cameras. As for the maximum it depends on the local network, but usually there are 255 devices.
    Image quality is superior in models with HD 720p or FULL-HD quality
    The software includes an IP camera is much more advanced than in CCTV systems. Most cameras allow notifications in an APP, sending email or recording only in case of alarm.
   The installation of analog CCTV systems require wiring to the recorder. If you use CCTV IP cameras you can install wirelessly, only by turning on the power.

CCTV security cameras initially emerged, and are based on a lens built into the camera that sends the information to a central device that is the recorder. This recorder can record, send the images over the Internet, … according to the characteristics of each case.

IP cameras are smart and can work on their own independently without a recorder. It is not necessary to install them in a wired manner.

The installation of an analog CCTV system versus IP is probably more economical in an installation greater than 8 cameras. But the technology used would be inferior.