How to make a digital marketing campaign for restaurants?

Digital marketing and social networks have totally changed the way of promoting a business. There are fewer and fewer publications in the press or on paper brochures, to make way for campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, etc. That is why, every day it is more important that companies consider digital media as a fundamental ally to achieve their goals.

Digital marketing for restaurants, How to use social networks for digital marketing?

Today we are going to talk about gastronomic marketing and social media strategies for your restaurant. For this we need to know the importance of social networks for marketing and sales actions in restaurants.

From two customer points of view, we rely on social media to find information about a place to eat or to see recommendations from other users, and of course we as restaurant consultants, we know the power of content on social networks to give to know your dishes and offers, and you know that this translates into more sales your restaurant. What will finally shape the digital marketing campaign for your restaurant.
But why does a person look for a restaurant on the Internet or social networks?

The answer is simple, customers are looking for us to see where to eat, how to get to a restaurant, check opening hours, make a reservation for lunch or dinner, check a restaurant menu, see what others think about attention, reputation , etc.

It needs constant activation, you must share content that causes and motivates your customers to visit you, however, not all restaurants have a 100% social media plan. It is not a matter of appearing on facebook, twitter or instagram, just to appear, so we will share these actions that you can implement in your restaurant to optimize your presence on social networks and provide a better experience for your customers,

These simple tips to promote your restaurant, are very simple to implement and we know that they will be very useful to maintain your social network profiles, more relevant information on your twitter, instagram or facebook profile.

In social networks, you can put the slogan of your restaurant, but this is not as useful as placing the service and contact information of your business there, in this space you must make sure you have:

    Type of food you serve during opening hours
    The address, if it is a single location, if there are two or more you can put the areas where the contact phone is located.
    Indicate if they can be made to home orders
    Of course your website. Assuming you have one.

Along with this, it is essential that your restaurant upload quality images, but natural, avoid excessive retouching. The gastronomy business is one of the most sold through images, so it makes no sense to upload an unfocused photograph or with a cell phone with a 3 megapixel camera. Photography is an art, and requires that you take into account certain fundamental aspects such as focus, lighting and some composition.