Migration: What questions do you ask on the DS-160?

US visa Appointment: many people do not know the details of the DS-160 form  until they begin to fill out this form online ..... This form or form that is currently required to apply for any American Nonimmigrant Visa (Tourist, Student , Temporary work, etc.) may have about 6 to 8 pages of information and hundreds of questions to answer (all answers must be in English except for proper names), which is sometimes complicated and many leads to answer the questions in an erroneous or incomplete manner, and having to make unnecessary corrections or answer in a certain way that in the end generate doubts to the consular officer during the applicant's interview during his visit to the Embassy or Consulate.

Remember that the DS-160 form is interactive, and it asks more or less questions, as it is answered.

All applicants for a non immigrant visa, regardless of the visa category, must complete the online DS-160 online application before scheduling their us visa appointment. The applicant must complete the DS-160 application in its entirety and with the correct information, no box should be left empty.
Given the many doubts that arise in the filling of this form, below we suggest material review in detail before starting the filling of the form so that you can make the process easier:

How to get a us visa.

Schedule Interview

DS-160 Application.