Types of security cameras

With technology, the market offers us a wide range of possibilities, from the most modern ones with Wi-Fi to those that are simply to appear, and the different types of surveillance cameras according to their functions and capabilities:

Scheme types of security and surveillance cameras according to their functions
1.-CCTV security cameras Indoor cameras

They are the simplest that we can find in the market and the cheapest since they do not need as many mechanisms and protections as those used abroad.
2.- Cameras with movement and zoom

They are usually used in large spaces with a security center where a person monitors and monitors the cameras. These robotic cameras that have the properties of movement on rotation, tilt and zoom.

For example, the most modern can do ...

robotic camera
3.- Infrared cameras or night vision

These types of instruments are used in surveillance where there are spaces with poor lighting. They usually record all day and at night automatically turn on their infrared with a black and white view. They are the most expensive in the market for LED night vision.

They are used as video surveillance cameras within a CCTV installation ... What is a CCTV system? They are the acronym of the closed circuit television, which forms video surveillance technology to monitor a variety of activities and environments where its components are linked together.

A CCTV installation will allow you to visualize on a monitor the images received from one or several cameras and store them in a recording device. An example of a CCTV system in outline format would be:
CCTV camcorders
Scheme video cameras CCTV - Vía Leroy Merlin

4.- Hidden live cameras cctv

They are called spy cameras to monitor and monitor a house, office or business going 100% unnoticed. They are introduced into some object how; motion sensors, smoke detectors, plugs ... etc.

5.- IP Cameras

The IP camera, are those that connect directly to the Internet showing the image you see. They are the most used and sold in the market since they currently also incorporate Wi-Fi and you can manage them and see the images they capture from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

The main advantage of the IP camera is that it is a video surveillance device that allows you to view the images in real time from a distance, through the connection with an Internet IP address.

We can find them for sale with technical specifications of normal consumption, for home, or more developed for professionals.

As we can see in the following image there are a lot of shapes and models, which also include other functions such as wifi ip camera:

wifi ip camera

6.- Vandal resistant cameras

They are used in public transit areas vulnerable to theft and possible attacks. It is mounted on a fixed and resistant housing. It is often used in warehouses, parking, discos, public roads and in general in any outdoor space.

7.- Wifi or wireless cameras

They are those that are not directly connected by a cable. Normally it has a battery that makes them work and transmits data via WiFi.

They are those used inside the home, for example, to see how the children or the baby are doing, and technology has also been incorporated into IP cameras to work directly with internet monitoring.

8.- Outdoor cameras

These types of cameras are designed to resist weather actions (rain, wind ... ect) and are used in outdoor spaces. When we buy an outdoor camera, the price is usually more expensive, mainly because of the protective case.
9.- All-in-one cameras

With the advances in technology there has been a reduction in the type of camera you can find in a store, so they have been incorporating different elements so that they can have more functions.

For example, there are models that are both indoor and outdoor, that use Wi-Fi, and monitoring is via the Internet, whether on a computer or mobile phone. In the end we can have a security installation with cameras as complex as we want and more if we use home automation in the home installation.

In addition, surveillance cameras are sold in kit format, for example:
surveillance cameras kit
Example of security camera kit

They are also classified and distinguished according to their form, which can mainly be the following, although currently the imagination goes very far in their designs:

    Cube cameras (For the interior)
    Box cameras (Indoor)
    Bullet cameras (For outdoor)
    Dome cameras (For indoor and outdoor)