Us visa appointment

The physical presence of the majority of people making a us visa application is required both at the Visa Attention Center (VAC) or (CAS) as well as at the Embassy or Consulate of the United States, for data collection biometrics and an interview for the visa respectively. According to regulations of the State Department, As a general rule you must
schedule us visa appointment with the VAC - CAS at least one day before your appointment at the embassy or consulate, although in some cases it is possible to schedule both appointments the same day.

People who wish to apply for a nonimmigrant visa at one of the U.S. Embassies or Consulates, to be interviewed by a consular officer can schedule a visa appointment online or by phone. There are some exceptions to this rule depending on the country where the interview is going to take place, and it basically applies to children under 14 years old, over 80 years old and people who are renewing a visa granted for one, five or ten years which are applying for for the same visa category that they are renewing.
What you should keep in mind when scheduling a visa appointment:

    An appointment for a consular interview should be scheduled for those who plan to obtain a business or a B1-B2 business visa.
    You can schedule your visa interview appointment online or by phone.
    To schedule an appointment, you must have the passport of the person to whom the appointment is being scheduled.
    In some countries there is a cost associated with scheduling the appointment for an American visa.
    Most countries allow you to program up to 5 members of the same family living in the same house for the same price.
    The payment receipt for your visa is valid for one year, so you must schedule your appointment within that period of time.
    Do not wait until the last minute to book your visa appointment, because you may not be able to get the desired date and time.
    Before scheduling your appointment for an American visa, determine to which US consulate or embassy. He would like to be interviewed.
    Check the waiting times at the American consulates.

What should I have on hand to schedule my us visa application?

    A valid passport to travel to the United States with at least six months more validity than the time you plan to spend in the United States.
    Your payment receipt for your visa application.
    The confirmation page of your Form DS-160.
    Your e-mail adress.

Appointment for emergency American visa:

The emergency American visa appointment is a resource that can only be used by people who have medical, humanitarian, business emergencies, students who have been delayed on Form I-20 or DS-2019, and are granted in a manner limited If it is discovered that you misrepresented the reasons for the trip to obtain an emergency visa appointment, such facts will be recorded in your file and may have negative effects on your current and future interview.
How to get an emergency visa appointment?

The way to obtain an emergency visa appointment varies from consulate to consulate, but we can say that basically in all, a regular appointment must be scheduled before an emergency appointment can be scheduled, after obtaining this regular appointment the emergency appointment is requested in which case you must first demonstrate with the information that you give, that it applies to you, and if it is granted, you must take to the interview the dues that prove the need for an emergency appointment.

Note: You should know that an emergency visa appointment does not give you any guarantee of obtaining a visa, the only thing you achieve with this is to obtain an interview in less time, but you must still demonstrate that you qualify for the visa to be granted. for it to be approved, although we must emphasize that in humanitarian cases (serious illnesses or deaths of close relatives) consular officers are much more flexible.