US Visa Invitation Letter

US Visa Invitation Letter:

There is much talk about the Invitation Letter to the United States and many people wonder what it is for or how effective it is, first of all we have to understand what an invitation letter to the United States is.

The invitation letter is a document frequently used to help a foreigner obtain his visa or even serves as a letter to invite a friend or close relative, basically serves as a visa support letter; This means that the person who uses the letter for a family member or for a friend must assume all kinds of responsibility for their guest, including financial responsibility for the duration of the visit.

It must be taken into account that the letter of invitation to travel to the United States is not part of the documentation required when applying for a tourist visa at the us visa appointment, however, it can be a factor that influences the decision to issue a visa or not at the Embassy or Consulate.

The invitation letter is a form of proof that the us visa applicant has a legitimate interest in visiting that country and adhering to the laws that govern it.

You have to keep in mind that in the visa application process, if you do not attach the invitation letter, it will not mean that you will not be granted the visa. It is only a way to earn extra points in your application, then we let you Download the Book Guide, which will help you have the clearest information and know the entry requirements and interview process to apply for the B1 and B2 visa with success.

Who are the people who should write an invitation letter?
Because the invitation letter to go to the US is considered an official document, any family member or friend legally living within the United States can write the document, including several American institutions such as churches, universities and businesses.

Every person or institution must guarantee the security and integrity of the guest. It is very important to keep in mind that the person or institution in charge of the letter should have some kind of relationship with the guest and reason for the visit.

The American citizens who request it, will have to prove their legal situation with birth or naturalization certificate or even through an American passport; Legal permanent residents who write an invitation letter to visit the United States must include a copy, on both sides, of the document formalizing their residence or their Green Card.

Other persons who may write said document, are foreigners who are legally and permanently within the United States since they have a visa in order, in the case of foreigners, they will be required to attach a copy of the visa and Valid passport and a copy of the documents must be attached by both parties. In the case of a family member, a document must be attached certifying that link.

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