VISA FOR USA Well you already have the appointment for the interview and now what?

Get ready for the us visa appointment:

1. Work and stability, the most important. If, among your plans, you are giving up and traveling for a while, like us, we advise you to go to the Embassy before you leave your job and ask for your visa. The main factor that the gringos take into account when granting permission to enter the United States is economic and labor stability. That is, you can prove that you have to pay for your trip and that you have a reason to return to your country and not remain illegal in Uncle Sam's land. Returning to work, for them, is the main reason.

2. Do not lie, it is not necessary. Is it so important to travel to the United States to have to invent a life and a social position different from what you already have? We believe not. Even, know that the process to apply for us visa begins when you submit your form, and it is from that paper where you must deliver true information. Keep in mind that the money you are going to spend on your trip helps strengthen one of the most buoyant industries in North America: tourism. So, if telling the truth about your finances you can show that your intention is to know the country and buy something, they should visit and your visa will be approved without further ado. Speak calmly, answer the interview calmly and especially honestly.

3. Falsify documents? Don't even think about it. There are few people who are caught in the US embassy every day with false documents when requesting their visa. Bank statements, real estate certificates, labor references, among others, are part of the top of papers invented by applicants. Do not risk, it is the advice we give you from our own experience. Not only can they deny your visa. Depending on the seriousness of the case, you may be banned to reapply for a period of several years. That without being extremists, because even jail could stop for the crime of forgery.

4. Be prepared with your documents in order (although not all of them are requested) The duration of each interview does not exceed five minutes, therefore, the official who attends it will not have time to read every letter of the documents that he carries . However, it is always good that over and not missing. As we said, the more supports you have to show that your trip is intended to return, the more likely you are to be granted a visa.

5. To the one who gets up early God helps him, but do not exaggerate with his arrival time. As you know, the appointment to the us embassy is given at a specific time, and as soon as it arrives they will not attend it first. Check your appointment schedule and arrive, at most, 30 minutes in advance.