Why is it important to have a video surveillance system?

The safety of people, is a priority for authorities and society as a whole, whether in homes, businesses, corporate buildings or public spaces.


Video surveillance systems and the prevention and connectivity capacity they provide are essential, becoming a key part of any security system, whether it is a home, building and business.

CCTV, How it work?

In our country and in the world, there are various security systems to protect the different spaces in which we live every day: from doors with very complex systems to guarantee access only to the right people, to fences, motion detectors or even alarms .

For example, if a room house has an adequate surveillance system, it can detect unusual activity and inform the owners of any movement that occurs allowing it to alert the authorities, which will allow a faster reaction, facilitating the recognition of criminals

Thinking about it, many manufacturers  has launched its line of Performance and cctv security cameras, aimed at a large number of industries and users, adjusting to all types of budgets and budgets without neglecting the cutting-edge technology and quality that distinguishes its products, thus becoming the best option for all those who seek to safeguard the integrity of the various environments in which they carry out their daily activities.

How to choose the best security system?

The big difference between an efficient video surveillance system and another type of security system depends on the type of user needs.

There are high quality cameras that are easy to install and maintain, such as the Performance IP Series, which include seven IP cameras from 1.3 to 3 megapixels in different designs: dome, ball and bullet, which makes them ideal solutions for homes, offices, retail stores and warehouses.

In addition, these types of cameras use the “Motorized Focal Zoom” technology, which automatically focuses after zooming, which allows the installer to fine tune the camera and field of vision after placement. It allows you to capture sharp images with high resolution details and offer a correct relationship between the object and the surroundings to avoid distortion on the screen.

Another advantage of this series is that its installation and connection is very simple (Plug & Play) which makes them an extremely user-friendly device, adjusting to the DIY approach (“do it yourself” or “do it yourself ”) Characteristic of Honeywell products.

These cctv systems also allow that in low light environments the images have excellent quality, without the need to be large, thanks to the compression of video data, which allows for more durable storage and less need for equipment handling for users.