CCTV Video Surveillance System Failures

CCTV Video Surveillance System Failures

What does the system cannot work normally? Here we list the common errors for your reference.

1-failures caused by power supply problems

     Possible reasons as below:

1) power line or supply voltage is not correct

2) the power is not enough (or too much voltage attenuation in the cable)

Transmission of power supply system 3) short circuit line, open circuit, instantaneous overvoltage and so on

It should be noted that the error of power supply or instantaneous overvoltage will lead to damaged equipment. Therefore, we must see carefully and strictly before source energy

2-Incorrect connection or connection error

The Common Failures in CCTV System

As there are many wires connection in surveillance equipment, it will make the wrong connection between main equipment open circuit, short circuit, bad line insulation etc. and the equipment cannot work, even damage them. In this case, we should analyze and solve problems according to the fault phenomenon, to determine what line connection problems can occur that kind of fault. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the connection of lines and equipment of the system must reach the long operating time requirements.

Space interference 3 radiation caused by transmission lines

The interference phenomenon is often caused by the presence of a stronger space radiation source near the transmission system, the front-end system or the central room control. The solution to this situation is to make a global understanding of the environment before building the system, and try to avoid or the source of radiation. When the radiation source cannot be avoided, we can strengthen the protection for front and center equipment, adding pipes to protect the transmission lines and make sure the pipes are well founded.

4-characteristic impedance of the transmission cables do not correspond

It can result in a number of vertical alterations on the monitor screen, and the frequency of the interfering signal is substantially an integer multiple of the horizontal frequency. This interference phenomenon is caused by the characteristic parameters of the impedance and distribution of the video cable that do not meet the requirements. For such interference you should try to make the impedance of all equipment in the system match. Especially when choosing video cables, you must ensure the quality of the cable, if necessary, the cable must be sampled for testing.

5-monitor contrast image is small, the color of the image is light

If it is not a problem of the control host and monitors, we need to consider is the problem of attenuation of great tension in the cables due to the long distance transmission. In this case, it is necessary to add amplification compensation device in the CCTV security cameras system.

The Common Failures in CCTV Video Surveillance System

6-image sharpness is not high, data is lost

Even loss of color signal occur, color saturation is too small etc, which perhaps caused by too much loss of high frequency image signal (more than 3MHz) in long distance video the transmision signal and no compensation device amplification in the middle; Or because the video transmission cable distribution capacitor is too large; Or because there is equivalent capacitance of distribution between the core and the transmission cable shield was concentrated.